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Monday, August 11, 2008

PTC Account Generator

Hi Folks,

Here is a fake accounts generator for all most all PTC sites. It can overcome any kind of fraud-detection mechanism imposed by PTC sites, if used properly with full requirements. You can generate almost unlimited number of accounts in all most all PTC sites (you name it, you have it.)

Download it : http://rapidshare.com/files/136699905/accgen.msi
System Requirements:
.Net framework v2

Supported PTC sites

1. bux.to

2. 07bux.net

3. 10bux.net

4. Bux3.com

5. Pay2Surf.net

6. xclix.net

7. crewbux.com

and many many more .......

I have tested it under XP SP2, but hope others will work also. It is completely virus/trojan/adware free, but before use check it with your A/V software.

Note : For best result install TOR.

for more info visit : http://autoclickers.uni.cc/forum/suggestions/ptc-fake-account-generator-t1553.html


Anonymous said...

But, how exactly does it work? Could you perhaps explain it to me or give me the source code?

Anonymous said...

Hi, mate. Thanks for the app!! But how can I help you ih the site pay2surf is down?? Because of that, it was not possible to register the software and enable the address bar. Keep in touch and thanks again!